Snatch 101 at 13th Flow

Snatch 101 at 13th Flow

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Learn and practice the fundamentals of the snatch with 13th Flow.

Who: All levels who want to learn or deepen their understanding of the snatch
What:  75 minute hands on work and instructional workshop
When: April 20, 2019 12:15-1:30
Where: 30 W Garfield Blvd, Chicago, IL 60609
How: Register here!  *Unlimited 13th Flow members are FREE, email to RSVP.

In addition to being a competitive sport, training in Olympic style weightlifting is effective for gaining strength, mobility, explosiveness, and body awareness.  Plus, it keeps training fun & engaging!

Whether you have experience with the snatch or not, this workshop will be a hands on experience to improve your knowledge and skill in performing the lift. 

Event Info:

Snatch 101 at 13th Flow

Date: April 20, 2019

Location: 30 W Garfield Blvd, Chicago IL

Registration: $30.00

Max Registrations Reached